High On Heart AudioBook

High On Heart AudioBook


Transform Your Fear Into Fuel. Ignite Your Potential.

The highly acclaimed HeartRise Method is now available as an audiobook - narrated by Jessie May, herself! Immerse yourself, even deeper, into a sensory journey, with Jessie May's signature, soothing voice as your guide. For everyone wanting to lead life heart first, this powerful audiobook, both written and designed by Jessie May, is an exploration of the HeartRise Method.   

Full of Jessie May's inspirational quotes and insights, spiced with playful banter delivered in her inviting voice ~ this book is a perfect companion for long road trips or as a quick, morning nourishment on your daily commute.

Listening to her heartfelt message, straight from the source, will undoubtedly awaken the rhythm of your being.

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