Jessie May is a BRAVE Heart LEader.
”An infectious spirit connecting many beautiful souls around the world.”

Jessie May empowers teams of creatives, entrepreneurs and executives around the world using the integration of the HeartRise Method. Over the last decade she has activated HeartRise in cities globally, sharing the method with educational organizations + leading-edge companies, foundations and communities. Each program powerfully results in increased emotional intelligence, strategic problem solving, corporate communication, and leadership development. From Wellness to Tech, Travel, Advertising, Real Estate, Non Profit, and Education, HeartRise disrupts company culture offering a fresh take on heart powered leadership. 

Jessie May is building bridges with the language of the heart.

HeartRise Movement is a universal call to ignite the radiant HeartPower in all of us.

Jessie May's heart holds a torch for everyone.

Jessie May's heart holds a torch for everyone. 


“Jessie May has the innate capacity to see the truth of people’s lives with shining clarity –
to bring to the surface hidden pieces of the puzzle and to reawaken the capacity to dream

Jessie May’s heart holds such a sacred, loving space that it becomes safe to move through blocks that have held sway for years.  
Her ability to bring out the best within people, her authenticity, and her courage to live as a light in this challenging world,
are an outgoing source of inspiration. She is an alchemist of Life – transmuting limiting beliefs into boundless opportunity.
ELIZABETH LOVE    |    ICF Executive Business Coach & Author

"Jessie May is a brilliant light who fills your life with love the moment she enters."
TRACEY HEPLER    |    Senior Digital Strategist at Google

“Before meeting Jessie May, I was quite hesitant to attend a HeartRise course. 
I was worried I would not be able to relate – or even be bored.  Most of all, I was unsure if I would even be able to understand how to open up my heart. 
It has been a true blessing to be able to work with her, and I am so thankful that she shared her gift and journey with me. 
Her story truly resonates with the modern day working woman, such as myself.  Her sessions help me connect with my heart,
to open up, and to alleviate the daily countless stressors I face by alchemizing them into productive energy.
SAMANTHA A. KRUPNICK    |    Director of Sales & Client Development    | &

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