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Intro To HeartRise with Exubrancy

  • Zo. Lounge 30 Rockefeller Plaza B New York, NY 10112 (map)

Join Jessie May for a liberating workshop and tap into your heart’s guiding power! Beyond the grind of your busy mind, an inherent wisdom lives inside you... ready to guide you.

Learn to access the Radiant, Integral, Soul Energy (R.I.S.E), the electricity of the human heart, through a four-step meditation:  The HeartRise Method. This modern approach rewires the human mind and repurposes stuck energy through the heart’s alchemical fire (electromagnetic field). Rooted in science and extensive field research, The HeartRise Method will support you in all areas of your life, connecting you with the infinite wisdom and aliveness of your radiant heart. Jessie May's energy is contagious, and this guided experience will energize and inspire you like no other!!