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HeartRise + Human Design

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Drop into yourself and discover how you are uniquely designed to thrive

Join Jessie May + Erin Claire for an experiential and meditative evening exploring yourself and your unique Human Design.

>> You are Uniquely Designed to Thrive <<

Don't believe us? Join us. Together we'll explore your unique gifts, gain optimal clarity on your human design and integrate a HeartRise Meditation designed to unleash your soul purpose.

Transform daily challenges, and any associated stress, into fuel for success. The HeartRise Method is designed to ignite the energy of connection and shift head trips to heart power - on demand! Strengthen your emotional intelligence as we prepare to explore your human design roadmap for optimal clarity.

Human Design is a cutting-edge personality assessment tool, shining light on your emotional, psychological and energetic makeup. This awareness helps to align you with your unique nature and welcoming you to your highest potential.

Join Jessie and Erin to discover how you are uniquely designed to make decisions and navigate your relationships and career with the most ease and least resistance as your most authentic self.


Jessie May Wolfe is a brave heart leader, speaker and facilitator. Jessie May empowers teams of creatives, entrepreneurs and executives around the world using the integration of the HeartRise Method. Over the last 2 decades she has activated HeartRise in 12 cities globally, sharing the method with educational organizations + leading-edge companies, foundations and communities. Each program powerfully results in increased emotional intelligence, strategic problem solving, corporate communication, and leadership development. From Wellness to Tech, Travel, Advertising, Real Estate, Non Profit, and Education, HeartRise disrupts company culture offering a fresh take on heart powered leadership. Jessie May is building bridges with the language of the heart. Learn more at

Erin Claire Jones is a leadership coach specializing in Human Design. She has been featured in Forbes, the Times, Nylon, Culture Trip, Well+Good and more.

She helps leaders and teams step into their highest potential by offering them the self-knowledge and tools to perform at the top of their personal and professional games. She has consulted for startups all over the world, built companies supporting executives, partnerships and small teams to operate more harmoniously and effectively, and conducted research on leadership challenges at 90+ early-stage companies.

HeartRise + Human Design Event
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