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Activate Your Intuition ~ Soho House Malibu

  • SoHo House Malibu (map)

Signature HeartRise Workshop with Jessie May

Enjoy a morning in Malibu with Jessie May and learn to tap into your heart’s intuitive power! Beyond the busy banter of your mind, lives deep wisdom inside... always ready to guide your way. Imagine learning to access it?

Come get a live experience of Jessie May's celebrated HeartRise Method, and signature healing voice — as you learn the simple 4-Step HeartRise Meditation Method to activate your Heart’s intuitive wisdom.

Deeply nourishing and entirely unique, this energizing workshop includes a guided HeartRise Meditation journey, and one of Jessie May’s FreeStyle HeartRise Wisdom Jams. Come get HIGH ON HEART!

Note: Soho House is a membership club, but a limited number of guests are welcome for this special event. Book your seat with us and enjoy an exclusive morning in Malibu!