How to HeartRise: 6 Week Course

How to HeartRise: 6 Week Course


How to HeartRise : Online Program

*Perfect for those who have experienced the method, and want to learn how to INTEGRATE HeartRise in to their day to day lifestyle. Also, for anyone who is looking to become a facilitator or HeartRise Igniter. 

You asked, and we listened!!

  • A 6 Week Experiential Program designed to plug you in to your heart power, hone your emotional intelligence, and help you lead with the language of your heart.

  • Learn to integrate the method, practice alchemizing emotional energy, and use your voice to bridge your head and your heart.

  • Part Video Lesson, Part Q + A with Jessie May Wolfe, Guided Meditations, in community with a global gathering of brave hearts who will come together to share, practice and experience the power of HeartRise!


Start date May 4th >> June 8th

6 LIVE 90 minute Video Sessions every Saturday @2pm PT

(45 min lesson with Jessie May Wolfe + 45 minute Integration Q + A)

Weekly HeartRise Meditation Audios

HeartRise Workbook + Toolkit

Online Community Space for Sharing


How to HeartRise Course : Weekly Curriculum

Intro >> Welcome to HeartRise 

Shifting Powerfully : Headtrip to Heartpower 

Learn : 

The Science of the Heart 

The Power of Emotional Intelligence 

The Electromagnetic Field 

Module 1 >> With Heart Vision We SEE 

Voyage of Discovery - Perception 

Learn : 

Cultivating Awareness

Heart Seeing = Innate Knowing 

Understanding Vibration 

Curiosity & Inquiry 

Module 2 >> With Heart Focus We FEEL 

Anchoring in the Heart

Learn : 

Energy in Motion : Fearless Fuel 

Feeling through, Healing Through 

From Tolerance to Acceptance 

Module 3 >> With Heart Knowing WE FREE 

Building the Connection 

Access R.I.S.E 


Building TRUST with your heart power 

Alchemy of Feelings 

Contracted vs. Expressed Energy 

Module 4 >> With Heart Wisdom We FLOW 

The Language of the Heart 


Harness the Heart Rhythm 

Empowered Voice : Heart Truth 

Authenticity : A Heart Pulse

Synchronicity & Winks  

Integration >> Recognize the Rhythm 

Living HeartWise 

Learn : 

Our Greatest Currency 

Vibrational Wisdom 

Empowered Heart Intelligence 


Excited to bring this to your practice? Join our first wave of How to HeartRise Online, and you'll be eligible to enroll in our upcoming HeartRise Facilitator Program launching January 2020. 

*The facilitator program will be a selection of our most dedicated HeartRisers, eager to ignite the hearts of the planet. We're looking for the next generation of HeartRISE Leaders. 

ARE YOU READY TO ROAR? #OurRadianceisContagious 

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