High on Heart Book - Events

High on Heart Book - Events


The long-awaited HeartRise Method is now available in a book! A sensory odyssey ready for everyone wanting to lead life heart first. This powerful book was written and designed by Jessie May, a reflection of HeartRise Method, her life's work around the study of the human heart. A method she teaches globally, to communities far and wide, considered by many the healing balm for a world whose heart is aching.  

Her heartfelt message and method will move you, inspire you, shake you and empower your potential like never before! 

On this Journey you will learn to master the 4 steps of the HeartRise Method – See, Feel, Free & Flow - in a stunning format that will make your senses tingle and set FUEGO to your soul.

Full of Jessie May's inspirational quotes and insights, spiced with playful banter and a colorful palette ~ this book will be one you can read straight through and return to for daily heart hits of nourishment and guidance upon demand.

Get ‘High on Heart’ with Jessie May and discover the essence of HeartRise at your fingertips.

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