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Access the core method from which all HeartRise is rooted - Jessie May's signature HeartRise meditation. Her fundamental, 4-step practice has transformed lives throughout the globe through its healing and empowering recalibration process.

This modern approach taps into your Radiant, Integral, Soul Energy (R.I.S.E) - the electricity of the human heart - to rewire your mind and repurpose stuck energy as fuel through the heart’s electromagnetic field.

Rooted in science, ancient wisdom and extensive field research, the HeartRise Method ignites the infinite potential of your heart to empower a deep sense of purpose and conviction - igniting an aliveness that’s born in your heart, and can be felt by all.



Awareness shines the light to show us that we can shift, so long as we are willing. It lets us realize that we are all ultimately seeking to find truth and meaning.

An innate wisdom already knows who you truly are. The truth of your being pulses within your unique heartbeat, the native rhythm of your being. In connecting to your heart's inherent knowing, you can come to know yourself through a deeper understanding than ever before.

Awaken the rhythm of your being through this empowering guided meditation, and free yourself to fully come alive within your own heart.


heartrise mini meditation

Accepting where we are can feel like a great challenge, one that most of us face on a daily front.

Yet without acceptance, there is not potential for growth and change. Acceptance must come first, a balancing of what is, with who we are, what we feel, where we're at.

Until we accept where we are, we are enslaved to our thinking ~ we get caught up in the noise and can often feel paralyzed or defeated. Accepting where you are is the foundation for freedom.

This meditation will unpack the power of accepting where you are to ignite the path for all you’re called here to create.

heartrise mini meditation

Anxiety is something that many struggle with and a state that can feel paralyzing when you’re in it. 

When we worry its like we’re planning a problem, subscribing to what we don’t want to happen and then wondering why it did. Unacknowledged thoughts and feelings are like a lingering danger in the dark.

You can empower a new way to show up and shift the patterns that anxiety creates in your brain and your body. Your heart holds this power. 

 This meditation will guide you in recognizing anxious feelings, gently moving you into meaningful action to empower a new way of showing up that’s both liberating and inspiring.




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