Connection is Our Greatest Currency


Our global heart is aching. Our longing to belong has never been greater. And yet we don’t have any more time to waste. What we do have is each other, and that’s powerful. 

While it feels like the world is upside down. What if there is a bigger unfolding happening through it all? Could it be that we’ve become so consumed with ourselves that we’ve forgotten who we really are? At the core?

One of the ways our busy minds operate, is to keep us from truly feeling what’s there, wanting to be felt and expressed. Mama Nature crying out for us to wake up, with the most radical roar of grave devastation on the planet.  All but a reflection of a deeper wound we share.

This is the key. We share this pain, and yet we hide ourselves beneath our carefully crafted masks, pretending for fear of being seen. Yet its what we long for more than ever.

The world needs our love. Urgently. And it's up to us to show up, heart open. To lead heart first.

Scary right? 

It takes courage to really connect with another.  A true willingness to see them beyond their behaviour as bad as it may be. To recognize their heart & the connection with them & ultimately ourselves. 


“Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.” ~ Rumi

The way in>>


Living High on Heart is a way of living from this source energy within. To harness the aliveness that is your NATURE, to remember and lead with the rhythm that innately knows you and wants you to thrive. To connect and experience the rich, colorful ride that is YOUR life. To FLOW.

So how do we do this?

First, we have to recognize that there’s another narrative we’ve been subscribing to, coming from one who has done its best to represent us, but usually doesn’t have a clue. The one who is likely not digging on what I’m saying right now. Again… stay with me here. ;) 

Call it EGO mind, monkey mind, spin cycle, conditioned self, (insert ‘title’ here), the villain, the boss, the victim, the tyrant… whatever your version is- its that voice inside your mind that keeps you caged in your well-rehearsed identity. The one you try to show up as ‘having it all together’ which is always(despite how it may ‘appear’) laden with fear, led by shoulds, hungry for validation, driven by what looks good and seems popular. 

The beauty is… there’s a whole other narrative within you longing to be known and expressed. An innate wisdom that when nourished comes alive, a compass to guide and inspire a new way of showing up in the world. This power is that of your heart. 

Now, I’m not talking about your physiological heart (while it's that too)- but the energetic HEART of who you are ~  the life force, the engine of your being that holds within it enough power to light up a small city… Imagine?

Humility. Vulnerability. Honest connection with what is, and what we all experience when we allow it to be felt. 

When we let this loving source guide us, we are deeply nourished, inspired and energized from within, with a fuel beyond anything that we seek outside.

When we truly get this, we build the greatest currency there is. The fire that ignites when two hearts join is where our real power lives. where compassion is felt, the pain can soften, and love comes alive. Connection is our greatest currency. May we reach out and remember who we are, that we all long to be loved. To be known. 

As we join hearts, we build bridges.

I have dedicated my life to witness the power of our human heart when we share it, when we learn how to ignite its radiant source.We all have a unique heart shape. A signature song of our soul that longs to be felt and known. Your hearts power is the very presence of your being. it has the capacity to empower those around you, and strengthen theirs. When we remember this, we feel on purpose… We recognize each other. By heart. 

Just by showing up, you can shift the frequency of those around you. 

I’ve never felt more on purpose with this knowing and truly been humbled to witness the impact HeartRise is having in all the beautiful communities I’ve had the honor of sharing it with. I’m deeply inspired to bring this message to as many hands and hearts as we can. Its healing balm will remind you of who you are and why you're here. 

I’ve wanted to share my heart this way in a book for some time now. But it wasn’t time. I know this now for sure. Because now is. It flowed out me like liquid love on the page, and the creative design was woven through me with the same visceral vibes you’ll feel as you take it all in.

If you’ve connected with me or HeartRise, you’ll know what I’m talking out. If you haven’t and you’re curious, just as juicy. 

Come join us on this mission ~ I’m so moved and grateful for all the incredible support of our growing global HeartRise family over the years, and the hearts we’ve reached with this vision in motion… 

I truly can’t wait to see you,  and hug you up in one of the places we’re bringing the HeartRise Experience to this Fall… You have to feel it to know it, and really connect with your heart. 

Be a part of the magic LIVE or in our online community HERE.  And if you’re old school and just want a straight up book to hold and feel the pulse of your heart in the rhythm of these pages… get yours HERE.  

Its time we all show up for ourselves and each other. To join as we remember… Our Radiance is Contagious. Together we RISE. 

With warm heart love,
Jessie May Wolfe



Erin Opperman